How To Build A Computer

What Is A Computer?

What is a Computer? Here’s a simplified view of what a computer is…

When I first signed up for Site Build It and decided to create this website, that is one of the basic questions I wanted to answer (by the way, here’s a great review of Site Build It).

What is a PC? Many persons are still unable to conceptualize what a computer is. Well, I will give you a very simplified answer to this question. What is a computer? it is simply a tool used to perform a myriad of tasks. It is a digital device (the computer) or a digital tool.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain. The computer is an electronic item which is designed to function somewhat like a storage cupboard.

What ever you put into it, is what you can get out of it. It’s as simple as that. If you put onions into the cupboard, you will get onions. Similarly, with a computer, you will get out of it, what you put in.

How is this done? This is done by using Input and Output devices. (Hold it) Before I explain these, Lets look a little more at the computer itself. It comprise mainly of two sets of parts.

Computer Hardware and Computer Software

Computer hardware is anything on a computer that we can see, feel or touch. This is self explanatory. It includes all the physical parts that go into making a computer.

Software are the programs that run the computer. It is that part of the computer that cannot be seen, felt or touched. Programs are usually in machine readable language or codes and reside on your hard drive.How do they get there? Well, these are loaded via the CD ROM drive or any other device that is hooked up to the computer and is capable to do this.

Input devices are simply those parts of the computer used to put stuff on the computer ie, keyboard, flash drives, CD ROM, digital cameras and many others. Output devices are those devices from which information is retrieved from the computer ie, Flash Printers, Monitors,scanners etc. You can also use an SBI to WordPress service for that.


It is a common mistake to mix up Hardware for Software and as a result makes it difficult to diagnose a problem when the time arises.

In order to minimize this, care must be taken to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the computer and how they function. Don’t be afraid to explore, the computer will not break.

What is Computer Hardware? and What is Software?

The first thing we will look at is our Computer Hardware? software?. and components.First we will look at what they are and what they are not.

I will answer one of the most basic of questions that many people still don’t understand today,that is What is a computer and what can I do with it?. Yes, you can go on the internet and browse,you can use it to play music and games, but that is not all a computer can do.

The computer is a tool, like any other tool. The difference is that this tool can do many more jobs than the average tool. A typewriter can type,so can a computer. We can use a draughting machine to draw, so can a computer. we can watch television. We can do that too on a computer.

Yes, it is a multi-faceted TOOL that can be applied to many,many jobs. However it does not do these things on its own. It can’t do a thing on it’s own. You the user have to learn how to use the various programs (software) to do what you want to do.

What is Computer hardware? well, Computer hardware is anything on a computer that we can see, feel or touch.

This is self explanatory. It includes all the physical parts that go into making a computer.

What is a Component? A component is any part that goes into the making of your computer.

What is Software? Software is the programs that run the computer. It is that part of the computer that cannot be seen, felt or touched. Programs are usually in machine readable language or codes and reside on your hard drive.

Blogging Tips

Blogging Advice For You

Blogging Advice #1 Blog about Your Passion

The best Blogging advice is…

Blog about your passion. The best way to create a blog that’s successful is to write about your passion. If you write about your passion, people will flock to you. They will be able to feel your passion and connect with you. You will also love blogging everyday. Once you start blogging about your passion, you won’t mind doing research on your subject and learning more about it. You will also be able to come up with creative ways to monetize your blog, so get started brainstorming your passion.

Blogging Advice #2 Research Keywords

WordTracker is a great way to research the demand and supply for your subject. You need to know exactly what to write about and what keywords will get you traffic. Wordtracker is kind of expensive. SBI is a website host that gives you all the tools you need to successfully do a website. It also has Wordtracker. If you was ever interested in doing a website too, I would use SBI to go along with my blog. It will teach you everything you will need to for your blog and website.

Blog Advice #3 Create Inbound Links

Its easy to create inbound links. First and foremost you want to register your blog with Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing Search engines. Then you want to register your blog into directories like DMOZ and other directories that will list your blog. This will help with inbound links. Every time you link your website from a comment, social network, or article, you are creating inbound links. More Advice on how to create inbound links using Social Networks

Blogging Advice #4 Engage with your Visitors

Visitors love it when they can communicate with the writer. Many people will post comments and love to get feedback from others.

Blogging Advice #5 Don’t overuse Ads

Instead of having a million and one ads, start out with just the ones that work. Try different ones until you find the most profitable ones. When a visitor comes to your blog they should see a ton of useful information. They should be overloaded with what they were looking for. Once you have given your visitors more than they have expected, then you can start monetizing your blog.

Blog Advice #6 Use your blog for more than just a blog

There are many different ways you can use a blog as a gateway for other opportunities. For example, if your dream is to write a book, you can first start a blog and get it popular. After you have created traffic you can then promote your book. If you own a business, you can promote your business. You just have to be creative.

Article Directories

What Exactly is Article Marketing ?

Article Marketing involves creating original articles on a variety of topics. For example, if a business owner owns a bakery, then they might post a lot of articles related to baked goods, various interesting ingredients for baked goods, tools for baked goods, marketing baked goods, etc.

These original articles serve a couple of purposes.

First and foremost, they engage the readers. They can educate the readers, and compel them to become more curious about the business, the related products, or services.

Second, the articles will have relative keywords. These keywords will be terms that people type into search engines in order to find information. If the article author creates interesting articles for article directory submissions, they will go a long way to answer questions that a web surfer might have.

Benefits of Writing and Submitting Articles For Your Business:

The benefits of writing articles for article directory submissions, their is a broader reach for potential customers. If a person types in a keyword in a search engine, there is a good chance that they will get led to an article that has been submitted on an article directories.

When the person reads a well drafted article, then they will be more likely to click on any links that leads to a website’s landing page. The reader has been engaged, so now they have an incentive to want to visit a website, instead of visiting a website cold with no prior information.

Top Reasons To Submit Articles To An Article Submission Directory:

The reasons why business owners would do well to post articles on an article submission directory are for a variety of reasons listed below:

Because they enable business owners to create a reach that they would never have the opportunity to have otherwise. When a business person sets up a website, they can discuss their products and their services.

However, they have to make sure that many people are able to find their one website. But, when they use an article submission directory to discuss topics related to their website, they have many more free avenues to advertise their website.

While it might be challenging to get someone to visit a specific website, it’s easy to get someone to visit article directories, because the article directory might have the information that was needed in the first place.

Benefits of Outsourcing Article Writing:

The benefits of outsourcing article writing, is that the business owner can spend more time focusing on the nuts and bolts of their business.

Drafting an article is creative work, and it can take lots of time and energy. If a business owner spends too much time on drafting articles, they are taking away time from their business needs.

It makes perfect sense then for a busy business owner to find a freelance copywriter to draft their articles for them. The writer is hired to do nothing but write high quality articles for an article submission directory that will get the word out about a business.

Most of the article directories are free. With this, and the earlier stated reasons in mind, it makes perfect sense that a busy person would engage in article marketing as a means of attracting more business. There is absolutely nothing to lose, and many people have gained by using this informative, unique source to drive more internet visitors to their site.

They have discovered that they are realizing more internet revenues by utilizing this simple yet effective method for their e-commerce enterprises.